Thursday 1 November 2012

What is your weakness

What is your weakness 

I am basically java developer and thought that first blog that i will write will be on java, but their are many more interesting thing than java in world, so here is my first blog on "What is your weakness"
I am sure you have heard this question countless time in HR interview. You will find many article explaining on how to answer such question, i don't understand most of them and find it difficult to give convincing answer to this. So i thought to put down some examples that can help in HR rounds!

Become more effective .
You can be productive but being effective is all together different ball game. I am sure you will have many real example to justify this

Learn to do better prioritization. 
This is such a big topic that you can spend whole life in learning this art.

Respecting your  prioritization. 
If you know what is important then make sure you give it that attention.

Handle interruption. 
I am sure most us suffer in personal & professional life because we don't handle interruption in better way. This is art that you will master only if get better focus on work.

Personal retrospective
Most of us don't do this, i am sure about my self, we should do this every week, this will help us in finding the direction in which we are going.

Reduce backlog.
This is very difficult to do but then you know practice makes everybody perfect, so you have to practice to reduce your personal/professional backlog 

I am sure by using some of these answer you can impress HR.

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