Sunday 30 December 2012

My New Year Resolution

I am sure you have asked this question to your self as end of year of near. I am not sure about others but i make sure that whatever is set as NEW YEAR RESOLUTION is never achieve and reason is very simple because i am not motivated towards my goals, it just set for namesake.

Some of my examples are 
 - Loosing some weight.
 - Managing my to do list.
 - Better financial planning.
 - Better work & life balance etc.

By seeing the above list you can easily make up why these goals were never achieved!

In 2013 i really wanted to do something and for that i have to become pragmatic, so i thought lets create the list of things that i don't want to do. As we know there are hell lot of things that you should not do but creating that list will be like counting starts in sky,we need few items that we can count on finger. This is going to be difficult, so i was confused.

There are few people in world to whom you can always look up for suggestion and no body is better than your parents.So i referred to diary that my father used to give me on every birthday without fail.

I want to list down some of the "DO NOT LET" things that he wanted to me understand and really put that in action.

DO NOT LET - Advice from my father

 - Do not let your wisdom to rest
 - Do not let your money to rest
-  Do not let your mind to rest
-  Do not let your intellect to rest
-  Do not let your learning to rest
-  Do not let your good habits to rest
-  Do not let your efforts to rest
-  Do not let your Hands & Legs to rest
-  Do not let your financial activities to rest
-  Do not let your feelings to rest
-  Do not let your desire to rest

Because it is not only the process of rusting but also brings stagnation & complacency and full-stop  which is the end. Never be satisfied with your achievement , knowledge & learning. It motivates you to achieve more and more..........more

Once you know what you should not do then it become bit easy to focus.In 2013 i will try to meet minimum 2 "DO NOT LET" items from my father list and may be i have to do self retrospective to see how i did.

Wish you happy new year

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