Saturday 28 June 2014

MethodHandle returns back in java 8

Longtime back i wrote blog to compare performance of reflection/methodhandle etc.
Methodhandle was introduced in JDK7 and its performance was not that good as compared to reflection.

Recap of test result from JDK 7

MethodHandle is right in bottom as a result it was was not of much use in JDK7.
MethodHandle is used in java 8 lambda and i think due to that lot of improvement was done in it.

Lets have look at JDK8 numbers

MethodHandle implementation of JDK8 is back.
Open JDK mailing conversation has some details about type of optimization that is required in method handle. 

Code used for this blog is available @ github

Update -
One of the reader asked for raw numbers, numbers are in Mili Second