Thursday 18 October 2018

Setup SSL in Jetty

Have you faced issues when you have to quickly enable SSL and you got stuck with it :-(
You are not alone, i will share my pain and some learning.

I will share steps to enable SSL on jetty.

Warning: Use below instruction only for dev setup and for production contact your security expert !

  • Install jetty on your server

  • Setup some env variable for convenience like

              export jetty_home=.../somejetty
              export jetty_base = .../your_application_install_location

              It is recommended to keep jetty base out side of jetty installation otherwise you will have classpath nightmare 

  • Execute below command to create initial setup for SSL

             java -jar $jetty_home/start.jar --add-to-startd=ssl jetty.base=$jetty_base

        Once you run above command you will see something like below on console.

  •  Add below line  ${jetty.base}/start.d/ssl.ini 

    Check ssl port(jetty.ssl.port) and change it accordingly  

  • Add below line in  ${jetty.base}/start.ini
         Use same port as ssl.ini file.         

  • Start the server
        java -jar $jetty_home/start.jar jetty.base=$jetty_base

     You are done :-) Jetty starts on ssl .

Magic Questions

     - Which certificate is used by jetty ? 
    That is the magic, jetty ships with certificate that is already imported in keystore that jetty is using.
     Jetty looks for keystore in $jetty_base/etc/keystore location.

    - What is password of keystore

      Key store password is $jetty_base/start.d/ssl.ini , but it is encrypted. You can use below command to get the password.
     java -cp jetty-util-9.2.14.v20151106.jar "OBF:1vny1zlo1x8e1vnw1vn61x8g1zlu1vn4" 

     it is "storepwd"

 - How to see what is in key store ? run the below command and enter password
   keytool --list  -v -keystore keystore
    If jetty gives some error like password is wrong or tampered then copy the keystore from $jetty_home/etc/keystore to  $jetty_base/etc

   It takes only 5 minutes to perform all the steps but only if you know otherwise it is day long frustration. Enjoy development with jetty.

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